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Some of our work
Steel garden house 5436 Plus Anthracite

Axelle (life coaching) Aartselaar

Luminato 5436 Plus

A home office made of steel in the garden of Axelle in Aartselaar. Discover the Luminato garden office 5436 Plus Anthracite.


Add extra luxury and comfort to your backyard

Eleganto 3330 + Lounge XL

Enjoy the summer in your Telluria Poolhouse

Eleganto 3330 + Lounge large
Steel garden house

Jacobs - Heusden-Zolder

Eleganto 3024
Steel garden house Lounge

Swinnen - Dilsen-Stokkem

Eleganto 3330 + Lounge XL right
Home office with open Lounge

Walter - Balen

Luminato 2424 + Open Lounge large right

It started with the choice of the summerhouse (office) with an overhang on Telluria's excellent website.


Boeuvelet Bovesse


Lampo Burcht

Eleganto 3330 + Lounge large right

We are very satisfied with our new metal garden house with lounge. No need to paint it every year again, no more doors or windows that are stiff because of the expansion and contraction of the wood, ...

Steel poolhouse

Monten-Petry Tongeren

Eleganto 3330 + Lounge large left

When I first saw the products that were shown, I fell in love immediately. So we decided to go for our pool house.

Steel garden fence

Louvieaux Rochefort

Eleganto plus 5436 + Steel garden fence

We are very satisfied with the quality of the Eleganto garage. The Eleganto product is on the one hand very solid and on the other hand very aesthetic, as well as functional.

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